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Ahalia arranges all kinds of short-stay visas for tourism, business, visiting family and friends, etc. and such other purposes of travel.

Attestation of various certificates such as birth, marriage, education and police clearance certificates by the Embassy are provided by us.

Documents required for attestation are the original certificates and passport copy. The documents undergo verification from the above mentioned authorities depending on the certificates attestation to be done. Documents are sealed and signed from the concerned authorities. After this process only the documents are considered verified. It is mandatory to do certificate attestation while travelling outside the country for various purposes. Certificates hold of very much importance for the purpose to be completed. The documents have to be verified for it to be accepted in the destination country. Increased credibility of the certificates will help the person travelling in fulfilling his/her needs easily. Certificate attestation increases the accessibility of the certificate for international purposes. The purpose of certificate attestation is also ensuring safety of illegal documentation from the immigrants to the destination countries.

Different purposes of certificate attestation:

  • For attaining education in foreign countries.
  • For employment purposes.
  • For taking family abroad.
  • To get resident visa.
  • For migration.
  • To start business abroad.
  • For trading.
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