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Over the years the name Ahalia has been the synonym in the state of Kerala for sustainable development – economical, environmental and social – informally speaking that of profit, planet and the people. The group has been always serious on Kerala and has been making deep and thoughtful investments in Healthcare, Academics, Alternate Energy, Heritage, Finance and Technology – for social and economic growth.

Ahalia Exchange, a subsidiary of the group is a fully fledged money changer operational from year 2003, with the license from RBI and operates 60 branches across the state catering to the currency requirements. Ahalia Exchange is authorised to purchase foreign currencies from residents and non-residents visiting India, and to sell foreign currencies for certain approved purposes.

Year 2020 is a turbulent time for financial market with record volatility in foreign exchange market due to spread of corona virus, fear of global recession etc. The Forex marketplace is complex and the exchange rate forecast depends on a combination of factors, such as predictions for economic growth, political stability, monetary policy, imports and exports, and interest rates.

Ahalia Money Exchange is the most reputed currency exchangers, which provide the best foreign exchange rates, so that you get the best of the deals for your valuable currency. All our branches are equipped with highly professional staff, with live currency rates and will assist and advise the customers in picking the right time to get the best rates. We also offer Travel currency card service which helps the travelers to carry foreign currency in electronic form.

Outward remittance has gathered considerable momentum over the last decade especially since number of students travelling abroad for education has rapidly increased. However remittance is a costly affair if the customer does not give emphasis on currency rate and various other charges involved. Ahalia Exchange provides the best exchange rate, low transfer fee, reliable services, hassle free experience and has a proven track record in overseas remittance for all major purpose like Maintenance expense, Gift Remittance, Overseas Education payment etc..

Money Transfer Service Scheme ( MTSS ) is a quick and easy way of transferring personal remittances from abroad to beneficiaries in India. Only personal remittances such as remittances towards family maintenance and remittances favouring foreign tourists visiting India are permissible. Ahalia Exchange has Money Transfer Service Scheme (MTSS) arrangement that operates under the purview of RBI guidelines and facilitates instant payment of cash in respect of Foreign Inward remittance to individual beneficiaries in India, through its 60 outlets across Kerala.

Post Demonitisation, all major economic transactions now takes place through electronic mode through official/authorized channels thus limiting unaccounted transactions and tax evasions. Ahalia Money Exchange, the official money changers of India is proud to offer safe, seamless and sustainable service to the customers for transacting foreign currencies, outward and inward resistance with ease.

By Manoj Toms


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