Year 2021 – The Year of Possibilities and Opportunities

Year 2021 could be a historic one—and in a positive way. Seventy-five years after the original “Year Zero" that followed World War II, we once again have a chance to rebuild. 2021 will be the year when companies pivot from a strictly short-term-profit orientation toward strategies focusing more on the long-term viability of their businesses, and on the interests and contributions of all stakeholders.

Success at the time of crisis can be uncomfortable –rather bittersweet. Year 2020, for Ahalia FinForex - was not all bad. In fact, there was plenty good. We opened seven new branches, Asset under management rose over Rs. 30 Cr, currency business increased – so did overseas remittance and of course bottom line (profit) increased considerably. As “we harvested joy from the fields of pain”, year 2020 was a banner year for us. We beat all pandemic odds – and are thriving – and even hiring – as we move to 2021.  

Prudent and effective Leadership, which was amply and often demonstrated in the midst of crisis – the ability to size up the situation based on subtle clues, effortlessly steered the company through the murky water to the right end.

Year 2021 will be the year of possibilities and opportunities – translation all our resolutions into goals. The pandemic crisis helped us to reshape our decisions, and showed us the path ahead – where to how to expand.  The ambitious plans includes launching series of new branch in tier 3 and 4 cities, new tech savvy products in the consumer durable space, new loans to assist the ailing small scale sectors and lastly to be the brand that provides total financials solutions to all citizens.  
By Manoj Toms


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